Please, I Beg You… Just Tell Me You Love Me!!!

Per my missive here on October 8th, Mason refuses to say, “I love you.” Since he’ll say anything else, including, “Bye Bye, Poo Poo” (while waving into the toilet), and since he’ll sing anything (including the Duff Beer song from the Simpsons, thanks to the teachings of his Uncle Chris), I’ve concluded that the only reason Mason won’t say he loves me is because he knows how badly I want him to say it!

Mason is particularly fond of singing…and not just about Duff Beer. He sings theme songs from his favorite shows, the ABC song while he’s in the shower, and just about any other song he hears. If you sing something, he’ll start mimicking you immediately, singing along with you.

So, I thought finally figured out a way to trick Mason into saying I Love You. You’ve all heard the Barney theme song, right? (I Love You, You Love Me, We’re a Happy Family…). Mason doesn’t usually watch Barney but there’s an episode of it on a PBS Halloween DVD we recently purchased for him and Max.

So, after dinner on Monday night, I sat down on the bed to teach Mason the Barney theme song. I held his little hands, looked into his dancing blue eyes, and sang, “I Love Youuuuu…”

Mason gave me a huge grin, and sang right back, “You Love Meeee!”

This week’s Maxism:

“Mom, did you know ghosts are nocturnal?”

Hugs to all!


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