Pictures of Truly Disgusting Halloween Treats from The Party! Yum!

Pictures of Truly Disgusting Halloween Treats from The Party! Yum!

Each year, our daughter and her husband throw a huge, crazy, extreme Halloween party. It’s truly a family effort, with everyone pitching in to decorate their house, inside and out, with every imaginable orange twinkly light, blood on the windows, ghouls, ghosties, and much more.

Our assigned job each year is to make truly disgusting edible dishes to display in their dining room and, each year, we try to “out-gross” ourselves from the previous year. We succeeded this year with homemade bean dip. Max, age 15, made it and it was delicious! The first batch was labeled “Diarrhea Dip – Mild.” The second batch had a TON of jalapeño , jalapeño juice, and cayenne pepper in it (also delicious). It was labeled “Explosive Diarrhea Dip – Extra Hot.” The explosive batch was served with a plunger, dipped in the middle of the goo. Mmmm!!!

Ali and Justin recently moved to a new house and they invited all their neighbors. Ali was nervous about my famous disgusting snacks “scaring” them away, including a judge and his wife who live next door. But the goodies were a huge hit!

(Don’t worry. The plunger and toilet brush were brand new…or were they?? Ha ha ha ha ha…)


Explosive Diarrhea Dip-Extra Spicy



Barfy Spinach Dip



Adorable FruitHead Pumpkin With Dip By WritersWeekly Managing Editor Brian Whiddon



Menustruation Munchies-These Went Fast!


Poopie Pieces – Yum

Now, to get to work thinking of ideas for next year. Pretty please post a comment below if you have any!!



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One Response to "Pictures of Truly Disgusting Halloween Treats from The Party! Yum!"

  1. pamelaallegretto  November 3, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Your family rocks! These snacks are amazing! Pictures of your costumes???