Great Halloween Idea From a Children’s Book Author!

Here is an idea I am trying and you can pass onto your readers. In my neighborhood we have about 700 kids that come around the house for ‘trick or treat’and since my book, ‘Jayben Treat and The Burglar of Barmoth’ is a wizard’s book, and written for kids age 9-12, I made up 1000 colorbookmarks to give out with the candy to kids age9-12. The bookmark contains not only a photo from the cover, but a blurb and a web site linkto read an excerpt. Once Halloween arrives, I will create a new link directly to the publisher where people can purchase the book.

I have five books planned in this series, and hope to have the next book complete and ready for print by Halloween of next year, and the same for all the rest of the books.

Thanks Ang – you are the best…

R.L. Mesler