The 10 Most Horrific Things about Ali and Frank’s Halloween Party

The 10 Most Horrific Things about Ali and Frank’s Halloween Party

10. 35 kids in a living room that only seats 6

9. 15 pizzas x $5.95

8. Materials for a very modest haunted basement cost more than (gulp!) $500.00

7. None of the kids believed my psychic talking doll with the glowing head was real (humph!).

6. Three kids dropped their pizza and red soda on the basement floor when our family friend, Andrew, scared the (bleep!) out of them.

5. Frank got a cramp holding his neck in the same position for so long. His head was on a platter, complete with table cloth, silverware and even lettuce leaves as the garnish.

4. Teenage girls (from the Catholic school!) hiding with teenage boys in Ali’s bedroom! (My mom-radar kicked in and I caught them before any of their mothers became grandmothers.)

3. Only two moms offered to stay and help while the dads hid upstairs (in a fetal position).

2. One minor asthma attack

1. And the #1 Most Horrific Thing about Frank and Ali’s Halloween Party:

My “temporary” hot pink hair coloring kit…WAS NOT TEMPORARY!

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