PARVO UPDATE: Tank is Doing Better!

PARVO UPDATE: Tank is Doing Better!

As I shared last week, our fully-vaccinated dog, Tank, was diagnosed with Parvo 10 days ago. The illness is supposed to last around two weeks, and he will then shed the virus for another two weeks.

After three days of feeding him what we call “Slop” (1 cup of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of wet dog food – every 2 hours), he really seemed to get more energetic. However, we started noticing a trend. He would get energetic, and over-do it, and then spend the next day mostly just sleeping on the couch. He is still doing that. We’d hoped he be almost back to his nutty, spastic self by now but we can tell he’s still fighting the virus. However, he is  much better than he was the first few days.

His little sister, Moon, never did come down with it, thank goodness.

Brian made a beautiful grave marker for Red. When he was finished, we cried again.

In other news, Mason harvested his biggest zucchini yet! This one was in the community garden.

Our okra is in full swing right now, and really seems to be enjoying the hot weather. Tomorrow night, we’re having it fried. Yum!! We are currently dehydrating countless potatoes and our corn harvest will be next. We can’t eat it fast enough. Oh, and our Atlantic Giant Pumpkin vines are getting HUGE!!!

I will be out of town this weekend, staying in a really awful hotel (there’s nothing better in that town) while Mason attends his last weekend of driving classes. That place also offers DUI classes. When I was checking out of the hotel weekend before last, the woman behind the desk said her uncle had to attend that driving school, too. It took me a second to realize that she thought Mason was attending those “other” driving classes. I told her he’s in the class with kids trying to get their licenses. We had a good chuckle over that. 😉


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One Response to "PARVO UPDATE: Tank is Doing Better!"

  1. Pamela Allegretto  July 22, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Wow, Mason is killing it with his gardening. My compliments. The grave marker for Red is very sweet and shows so much love.