Party! Party!!

We’ve having a big party this weekend and are really excited! Since Ali’s birthday is three days after Christmas, she has a birthday party at the end of June each year, instead of December. We call this her half-birthday. This year, we were on the road in June, so her party is this weekend. It’ll be a 70’s theme and we’ve invited (gulp) 40 of our closest friends and neighbors. We even had to rent a big tent for additional shade in the yard.

After we decided on a 70’s theme, I rushed right on out and bought myself a pretty good rendition of a Carol Brady wig and outfit. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to find a really gaudy outfit with lime green flower print at the local department store. And, yes, I managed to find really ugly green costume jewelry to match. I hope the wig won’t be too hot. We ordered 70s goodies for prizes, like movies and toys from that time period. I was disappointed that a vintage Mystery Date game costs $60 on ebay. Wish I’d kept mine!

We’ll try to include photos in WritersWeekly after the big event.


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