Over the River and Through the Woods to…

Over the River and Through the Woods to…

We are leaving tomorrow to go visit the grandkids. It’s our grandson’s fifth birthday party! We can’t believe he’s already five!!! It seems like just yesterday that he made his grand and dramatic entrance into the world!

We are going to take some yard long bean seeds (and others), and some round trellises with us so we can spend some time planting some fall crops with the little ones.

I expect there will be a bounce house and a piñata and tons of kiddos. I remember throwing kid-themed birthday parties for our kiddos when they were younger. I had WAY more energy back then!!

Jack LOVES planets and outer space stuff so I bought him some planet throw pillow covers (I will stuff them with batting this evening) and a 2-foot tall, stuffed rocket ship. I hope there’s still room for him in his bed with all of that! 😉

There’s a fireworks store on the way to their house. We’ll be stopping there because Max’s birthday is in two weeks and we’re going to surprise him with those. He specifically requested an outdoor barbeque.

Thank you all for the warm wishes after last week’s missive. Max is over the Covid, and is back at work. I only had a cold but I still have a cough. However, it’s much better. It only starts when the night air kicks in but I haven’t been coughing while trying to sleep, thank Heaven!


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3 Responses to "Over the River and Through the Woods to…"

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  3. Linda G  August 25, 2022 at 9:03 pm

    Yes is’s coughable here too, dry desert air and in the winter dry heat register air (electric). Avoid milk while you have congestion, milk impacts it (othewise it soothes inflammation in the throat if you don’t have stuff in your lungs. So glad you are over your cold and Max is over the Covid.

    We have the new Omicron wave up here and new vaccine at the ready but we don’t know what to expect with this.

    Take care.