Our Very First RV Excursion

We’re on the road, on our very first RV excursion, and boy are we having fun! In only five days, we’ve slept in Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. Frank caught a fish, the children played putt putt, we saw Richard’s dad and grandmother, and Max has screamed “Big rocks! Big rocks!” through every mountain pass. It rained most of the weekend and the sound of the big raindrops on the top of the RV sure can make you sleepy! The dark clouds were hanging heavy over the Apalachian mountains on Monday and it reminded me of the misty mountains in the rain forest of Costa Rica. However, seeing all those red taillights through the highway construction quickly jolted me back to the present.

The children spend the mornings sitting at the “kitchen table” in the RV, each on their laptops doing their schoolwork, and they have the afternoons off to explore and learn. Staying at campgrounds with high speed Internet access makes it feel just like home, except this morning while I was working, Frank wasn’t in his room playing computer games. He was standing only a few feet away, just beyond the door of the RV, making irrigation systems and dams out of rain and mud…and saving ants from drowning in his tiny rivers.

Hugs to all!