We Figured Out How to Get Free Dental Care… (But, It’s Kind of Expensive!)

We Figured Out How to Get Free Dental Care… (But, It’s Kind of Expensive!)

Before I begin…

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In other news…

We were absolutely THRILLED last weekend when, at a family dinner, our son, Frank, told us he’d been accepted at dental school! It’s a local private school. Each year, thousands apply, only 400 get invited for an interview, and then only 100 get accepted. And, Frank got in!! He has always been an exceptional student. His memory is outstanding and he maintained straight A’s throughout school and college, despite the fact that we almost never saw him studying. He has always been very ambitious and he’s a true go-getter. When he wants something, he works extremely hard to get it. 🙂

It’s been a LONG road for him and he’s finally moving on with his dream of becoming an orthodontist. We are soooooo proud of him!!! And, no, we’re not paying for dental school. He has to get student loans. We told all of our kiddos that we would pay for the first four years of IN STATE college tuition and anything they wanted beyond that would require that they obtain student loans.

On the bright side, as soon as he’s practicing, we can get free dental care! 😉

We also attended a sonogram with our daughter and son-in-law this week. I was hoping to be able to announce the gender of our next grandchild this week but, no, the little tyke was being shy. He/she not only had his/her back turned to us but also had his/her legs crossed!! We all got a chuckle out of that. 


Have a super day, everybody!


Frank’s Turning 21!!

Frank’s Going to College!

Hoys + Vacation = SECOND E.R. TRIP IN TWO WEEKS!

OUR NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!! Does THIS Look Like a Newborn to You?! And, a Plane Crashed RIGHT HERE!

Meet Baby Jack!!

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