Hoys + Vacation = SECOND E.R. TRIP IN TWO WEEKS!

Last week, Max was in the E.R. with a bad stomach virus.

This week, we are at my mom’s ranch in Texas.

This morning, after Mason went down for his nap, Frank and a neighbor started banging on the front door. I got angry because the dogs started barking and they woke up the baby. I opened the front door, ready to lecture them on being too noisy (I feel so guilty about that now)…and Frank was standing there with blood all over him. He had a pretty bad head wound that “squirted” when it first got cut.

Frank was driving a Polaris (a small car – like a golf cart?) and they were herding cows (I guess that’s how they do it in Texas now). He misjudged a turn and hit a fence. Part of the fence broke off and came into the car and hit him in the head. The fence was electric and Frank saw something squirting out of somewhere. He thought it was gasoline coming from the car so he ran away. However, the squirting followed him…because it was coming from his temple.

He has a large wound on his temple (4 stitches), a bump on his other eye (he’ll have two black eyes by morning) and a cut on his nose.

My mom and I rushed him to the E.R. Richard had just left to run an errand and he met us there. It took forever just to get into triage and he was so bloody. When other people in the E.R. started to complain about the blood, they finally took him to triage and them immediately for treatment. After 2 1/2 hours, he was stitched up and ready to head to Starbucks and James Coney Island (his reward for being brave).

Needless to say, none of our children is allowed to drive ANYTHING anymore until they get their driver’s license. I’m not kidding.

We’re heading home tomorrow and it can’t be too soon for us! Here’s what I previously wrote for this week’s News From the Home Office:

We’re heading back to Maine tomorrow. Our two-week Hoy Summer Vacation #1 (we’re going to Wisconsin later this summer, too) has been wonderful, albeit exhausting. From four days of Texas flooding, to Max’s trip to the E.R., to seeing old friends and tons of family, to horseback riding, being chased by Texas-sized mosquitos, fishing, shopping, hundreds of family photos, and one restaurant after another (we’re afraid to even look at a scale now), we’re looking forward to being back home so we can get some rest.

And, we’ve missed Matt terribly. We wanted him to come with us, but he stayed at home, claiming he couldn’t abandon his softball team. Yeah, right. He couldn’t wait to have the house to himself for two weeks! Two weeks of solitude… Gee, I wonder what that’s like?

We’re flying that horrid airline again (for the very last time) and I’m terrified we’re going to have another horrible and expensive delay.

I’ll try to post some photos of our trip next week! 🙂

This week’s Maxism:
“Mom, can I set off the smoke alarm?”

Hugs to all!


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