Our Green Thumbs

My voice is still a bit froggie, but the antibiotics and inhaler did the trick and I am feeling SO much better now. I was even feeling strong enough to go land shopping in western Maine with the family on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, we planted the seeds we ordered last month. Ali and Frank are going to have a white pumpkin growing contest this year. Max enjoyed helping me plant seeds for leeks, onions, two different kinds of sugar peas, green beans, tomatoes, hot peppers, and much more. I’m wondering if the garden is even big enough for the ambitious plans we have for this year!

I’m 32 weeks pregnant now and really feeling like we’re in the home stretch (stretch mark pun intended). The baby is doing just fine and is entertaining us nightly with his antics. The children enjoy watching him roll around under the skin of my tummy. (Ali thinks it looks like I’m possessed when he gets really active.) He’s turned the right way so he no longer kicks my sides whenever I try to sleep on one side or the other. Since I can’t sleep on my back or stomach, I really didn’t have any other choice so he eventually gave up and turned head down / bottom up. He sticks his little butt out sometimes and I can give it a loving pat since it’s right there, front and center.

I’ve been reading books that features stories of women who have given birth at home and I’m getting a lot more confidence…although some relatives still think we’re nuts to attempt a home birth. (The family members who called us hippies for RVing all over the country are once again the most vocal opponents of our plans to shun what’s considered socially acceptable and do things our way.) After our last hospital birth experience, I think we’d be nuts to try doing it the medical way again. Pregnancy is not an illness! However, I really shouldn’t count my chick before he hatches because anything could happen between now and the baby’s due date, which is June 18th – Father’s Day. Too bad babies almost never come on their due dates because that would be the perfect day. 🙂

Hugs to everybody!


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