Online Dating for 4-Year-Olds!

We met with our primary care physician last week to discuss our planned VBAC ( in June and he’s trying to hook us up with an Obstetrician in Ellsworth (an hour away) in case something goes wrong in the interim that requires a doctor. The Ellsworth hospital allows VBACs. I just don’t trust our current Obstetrician anymore and feel uncomfortable just going to his office. The problem is, it seems many obstetricians are hesitant to take on a new patient who is already 22 weeks pregnant. However, we’re VERY happy with our midwife, Andrea!

Twenty-two weeks already? It seems like just yesterday we decided to have another wee one…and I’m already so big I feel like a walking whale. Once nice thing about being pregnant is that I didn’t have to shovel any of that snow from last weekend’s blizzard!

We recently taught Max (age 4) how to use the TIVO controller so he can now rewind and replay his favorite parts of Blues Clues over and over again. However, today, I kept hearing the same dialogue from the television in the other room. I investigated and discovered that Max was watching an dating service commercial over…and over…and over again (sigh…).

If you’re thinking about teaching your toddler to read, we highly recommend Phonics Writing Desk from Leapfrog. We bought one for Max for Christmas and he already knows and can write all his capital and lower case letters AND he also already knows all his sounds! While we do work with him daily, one-on-one, he plays with his Phonics Writing Desk several times each day by himself and we realized over the weekend that the toy was responsible for teaching him his lower case letters. We haven’t even delved into that in his lessons yet, but he already knows them all! And, no, it doesn’t let you spell bad words. The older kids already tried and it doesn’t say or let you spell any of those. Ha ha.

Hugs to everybody!


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