No Snow…Yet

Well, Percy came down with the illness Mittens has so we now know it’s “Kennel Cough.” They’re both doing much better. I just hope the other three cats don’t catch it, too. Ali’s really good at giving the animals their medicine. They fight me, but adore Ali so much that they’d let her pour anything down their throats.

It’s pretty chilly here each day now and we’re wondering when the first snowflakes are going to fall. Each year, I take a picture of the children during the first snowfall (one year it was a blizzard) and that’s the photo I send out with our family Christmas newsletter. And, each year I worry that it’s just not going to snow in time! But, so far, it has snowed, at least a little bit, every year before Christmas.

The Fall Fiesta maple trees we planted a few years ago are getting much bigger…and it looks like we’re now at the point where we probably need a rake. The yard only had a couple of evergreens when we bought the house. Now, the yard it partially covered with yellow and red leaves. It is pretty, though! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Ali won our pumpkin growing contest again this year! Her biggest one was twice as big as mine…again. I think she’s cheating, but I haven’t figured out what she’s doing yet. Maybe I’ll set up a hidden camera next year.

Hugs to all!

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