No Colon Diagnosis Yet

I want to thank everyone who wrote in last week with ideas about what might be wrong with my colon. I would particularly like to thank (snicker) the people who wrote in with graphic details about colonoscopies. Uh, thanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a diagnosis yet. They did put me on steroids last week and things did calm down…down there. I went to see the gastroenterologist yesterday and he has a few suspicions but said he really needs to take a look inside to see what’s going on. He doesn’t want me to continue to take steroids if I don’t need to. Being paranoid about illnesses and injuries, I was hanging on his every word, trying to determine if he thought there was a tumor (he doesn’t, I asked him point-blank), or if he thought I had anything else that might be fatal in the end (pun intended). I was a real mess, emotionally, when we left because I thought for sure we’d at least have an idea of what I have after seeing him…but I have to wait a whole week for the colonoscopy. I’d have gladly started the prep work for it immediately just to get it over with. Unfortunately, he’d booked until next week.

So, that’s where we stand.

It’s interesting that two healthcare workers this week have gone into great detail this week of the mind/body connection and how the mind can make your body sick but the mind can also make your body well. One of those is my old midwife and the other was the 70-year-old gastroenterologist. He is supposed to be the best around.

Here’s the funny part. The gastroenterologist has a palsy. Yes, my colonoscopy is going to be done by someone with a palsy. If that isn’t trust, I don’t know what is.

Hugs to all!


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