My Knee is Still on Vacation

I gave up, and finally visited a “sports medicine” doctor in town. Despite the fact that the Jet Ski wasn’t even turned on, much less moving, when I fell off, they still let me come in. I have an MRI scheduled for this week. I’m still pretty bummed that I couldn’t go kite surfing on Mother’s Day but our beach vacation was wonderful, and so very relaxing! As promised, here are some pictures:


Beautiful storm clouds rolled in one evening.


We went for ice cream one night. Don’t worry. They didn’t really lick the fake one.


I stopped Mason from asking this young lady for a date.


We taught Max and Mason how to boogie board. They had a blast!


Max accidentally ran over Mason with his boogie board. Nobody got hurt. They were too busy laughing!


Max and Mason liked going to the pool at night.


And, just like that, vacation was over.

Mason read a “No Dogs on Beach” sign out loud to the rest of us.

He then paused, and said, “So, you can bring cats?!”

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