How I Tore My MCL

When I wrote the story below, I thought it was a sprain. It ended up being a torn MCL. 

Last week, I told you how I “sprained” my knee but I couldn’t tell you how.  Now I can. You see, we were trying something out and, if we liked it, we were going to buy our adult children gift certificates for their Easter baskets.

Here’s what we did:

It’s called a JetLev and it was AWESOME!! It was also one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. Whenever you hit the water (which you do a LOT), you end up on your belly with a 50 lb. pack on your back. You have to then do a “turtle roll” to get on your back. You do float, and so does the pack, but it’s a bit challenging to flip over and, for a brief second, you think you might just possibly drown.

But, that’s not how I sprained my knee. You see, after we rode the JetLev, they had to transport us back to the beach on a Jet Ski. And, no, the Jet Ski wasn’t even running at the time of my injury. As I stepped off, my sandal got stuck on the Jet Ski and I fell over sideways. My knee hit the side of the it, and bent over sideways as well, in an unnatural way. The weird thing was it didn’t even hurt when it happened…probably because my eyes were darting up and down the beach, seeing how many people saw my rather ungraceful dismount. (Plenty did!)

The doctor said I’d need an MRI if it didn’t get better within a week. I think I overdid it on Easter and I twisted it last night when I wasn’t paying attention so it’s still pretty sore. It’s been more than a week but I’m going to give it just one more week. Richard is leaving town for a memorial service out of state and it’s just really not a good time for me to be hobbling around. Thank goodness we have our adult children nearby to help out. 🙂


I did have to get an MRI and the results came in a couple of days later. I have a torn ACL. It looked like a shredded piece of chicken. The doctor couldn’t believe I was walking on it. (I was actually dragging my leg behind me.) Pretty upset with the Urgent Care doctor for misdiagnosing me and sending me on my way without so much as crutches. Recovery will take several weeks. 🙁

This Week’s Masonism:

“Crying gets you nowhere fast.”

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