We’re kinda bummed this week because Winter swept in here on the first day of Spring and dumped a few inches of snow. It left behind a bitter wind and frozen toes and fingers. I forgot to turn up the heater last night and it was freeeeeeezing in here this morning! Frank and Max made a great snowman on Saturday, but Frosty melted before the temperatures dropped yesterday afternoon. Poor Max (age 2) just couldn’t figure out what happened and kept looking out the window and saying, “Where snowman?! He go store??”

I was editing my new book yet again on Saturday and Sunday (I am obsessive about that, and it’s already been professionally edited), so my weekend wasn’t very relaxing. I do my final edits (two complete ones) on paper and my eyes were burning so bad on Sunday night that I almost couldn’t watch The Sopranos…but I got by! Hopefully, by this time next week, the darned book will be at the printer so I’ll be able to take a break…before started the edits on the next one (yes, it’s already written).

My goal is to release four books each year, and I’m almost half-way there!

Hugs to everybody!