Max (age 26 months) has an ever-expanding vocabulary. To preserve his hilarious “Max Speak”, I write Max’s new sentences in his baby book each week. Here are a few recent examples:

While holding his blue crayon out to me this morning, he said, “Take off crayon shirt, peas! Take off shirt!”
(Means “Take the paper off my crayon, please.”)

“No color! Crayon!”
(Correcting me after I called his crayons ‘colors.’)

“Big As*!”
(Yes, the bad word) (Big Mess!)

“I Wuv Woo!”
(My favorite Max-Speak!)

“Want Wuv, Owie!”
(“Want love, Ali!” Said while holding out his arms.)

“Big guy! Big guy! Hi, Big Guy!”
(What he says every time he sees his 17-year-old brother, Zach now.)

In a fit of giggles, said to Frank, “I poofed!”
(Max passed gas…)

Pointing finger at Daddy, proudly exclaimed, “Bigger! Bigger!”
(Giving Daddy the present he’d just found in his nose.)

Well, as you can see, sometimes it’s a good thing when strangers can’t understand what a toddler is saying…

Hugs to everybody!