In-Laws Gone; Mom Incoming

Richard’s mom and her boyfriend left on Tuesday morning. We had a fun visit and, on leaving, his mom hugged me and said I was a “good hostess.” So, I want to thank all of you who sent in easy recipes for me to use while they were here! I’ll admit, we did eat out while they were here, too, but that sure can get expensive. I enjoy cooking at home much more. We took them to Bar Harbor for a day, to our favorite antique mall, and spent Sunday driving to our land, which was resplendent in its fall colors! It was gorgeous and we are dreaming of next spring when we’ll start building.

My mom will be arriving tomorrow (Thursday), but will only be staying until Sunday. Richard is scheduled for minor surgery next week and then, after Halloween, things should get back to normal. After changing his mind a few dozen times, Max has finally decided to be a skeleton for Halloween. We’re going to the local iParty store when my mom is here so Max can get the perfect costume. He is SO excited.

Halloween in Bangor, Maine is the typical children’s book spooky night, complete with dry leaves racing down the street in the the cold wind, lines of costumed children and smiling parents parading up and down the crowded streets, and jack-o-lanterns in almost ever window. People really get into the holiday here and it’s one of our favorite nights of the year.

This week’s Maxism:

Max (age 5) walked into our room the other day and said, “When I go to heaven, I’m not going to be dead. I’m going to be alive. And I’m going to take my TV with me because I need to show God my Mr. Bean DVDs. And he will laugh.”

Hugs to all!

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