Humdinger of a Snowstorm

We had a humdinger of a snowstorm last Wednesday night! We were still trying to find the car in the drifts (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration) when we heard about the “Blizzard of 2005” that was heading our way. However, that little weekend blizzard wasn’t anywhere near the intensity of the Nor’Easter last week (for us, anyway). When it hit on Sunday, it was nice to have an excuse to not go anywhere, bundle up under some quilts, and read. That’s the best part about snowstorms. They’re an excuse to do nothing at all!

Ali and Frank are participating in a homeschooling field trip this week. It’ll be outdoors and involves the children digging into the ice on a nearby lake to see what critters and plants are hiding underneath. With temperatures in the single-digits, I’ll have to bundle them (and myself) up pretty good. They were outside today building their snow forts higher and higher. With the amount of snow we have right now, they have plenty of raw material to work with! Don’t worry. They don’t crawl under their forts. Makes me shudder just thinking about that. They’re just big white hills they crouch behind during snowball fights. Too bad it’s too powdery to build a snowman…

Each year, until now, we’ve all gone to the doctor together (all six of us), stood in a row with our sleeves rolled up, and received our flu shots. I had a horrible case of the flu about five years ago and have been adamant about the entire family getting shots each year since. However, this year it looked like we needed to do without in order to protect those more vulnerable to its effects. Well, there’s now a surplus of flu shots in Maine (unused shots will be discarded) so we’re all going to the doc this week to stand in our annual flu shot row. A local teenager died from flu complications just before Christmas, so I’m very relieved that the children are going to be protected. The kids are, needless to say, not quite as happy about this development as we are.

Hugs to all!

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