Homeschooling Friends!

We took Max and Mason to a gathering of local homeschoolers this week. We met at a local community center and each child brought a book they’d recently read, and gave a short presentation on it. Max is reading a book of ghost stories. He was at first nervous, worrying that “no other kids would like scary stuff” but he felt better after a little girl got up and talked about a monster book. So, when Max took his turn, he was very relaxed and did a super job. He didn’t look nervous at all and there were about 30 people in the room. It was his first “public speaking” appearance and he was very eloquent and mature and we were so proud!

Mason took his turn right after Max. He’s only five and the rules were very loose so he was allowed to say whatever he wanted. I videotaped it and he was hilarious! He walked up to the table, faced the audience, and said, “Hey, everybody. It’s me, Mason, and today I’m reviewing Blues Clues Thanksgiving.”

He went on to describe the book, and explained why he liked it, along with talking about his favorite part. He then crossed his arms, and said, “Any questions?”

That boy has never had a nervous bone in his body! He will talk to anyone about anything and he’s always been the type to just wander off and do his own thing, which has caused us untold minutes of concern as he’s been growing up. After the meeting, all the parents took the kids to the park and then to lunch at a local deli. Max was a bit shy at first while Mason immediately approached a sweet little thing with long, flowing blonde hair. He’s LOVES girls (especially Frank’s girlfriends!) and he’s never shy about showing his affection for them.

About an hour later, at the deli, the blonde went to the bathroom and Mason said very loudly, “Hey, where’d my girlfriend go?”

Another mother leaned over and whispered to me, “Um, I need to tell you something. Your son’s “girlfriend” is a boy.”

I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on Mason’s face when I told him!

Big hugs to all,


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