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Remember Your Past, Write It, and Publish It in as little as 12 weeks!

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About the Book

Angelaís Hoyís popular online class, now available in book format!

Remember Your Past
Write It
and Publish It
in as little as 12 weeks!

Angela Hoy's book will get you started!

∑ Using Angela's MEMORY TRIGGERS, recall memories that have been dormant for years

∑ Record those memories in chronological order in your memory notebook

∑ Using the memory notebook as your outline, write your autobiography!

* Also works for biographies and memoirs!

A memory trigger is one word that will bring forth not one, but several memories. The memory triggers featured in this book are going to evoke hundreds of memories from different years in your life. Memory triggers have a way of spurring your brain to remember things you havenít thought about in years, even things that arenít directly related to the trigger itself. While this is happening, you'll want to make sure everything comes out in the right order at the end so you'll be recording these memories in chronological order using the tools described in the book. It's so easy! By the time you're finished, your notebook will be full of memories!

OPTIONAL: Graduates of this course are automatically accepted into BookLocker's print-on-demand publishing program. Your autobiography can be published as a trade paperback or hardback book for as low as $317. (Add $200 for original cover art.) Your book will also be available at,, and also through special order at any bookstore via Ingram, the largest book distributor.

parents and grandparents


Thank you for your on-line course on writing an autobiography. It has been a great help to me, especially your concise explanation of the difference between an autobiography and a memoir. As a result, I know it's a memoir that I want to write. Knowing that is a big step forward for me.

Also, the memory prompts are great. They have helped me remember many surprising things. It's been fun.

Doris Sanders


I can see I'll be writing this autobio for quite a while when the class is done! What a great class. Thanks Angela, it is fantastic.

Mari Connors


Thanks for offering this autobiography course. It is proving to be an amazing and fulfilling journey for me. I feel good about my work. It feels good to be able to create it my own way. I feel that it is "my" project. Without your guidelines though, I never would have done it. And that's the truth! You've done an awesome job!

Judith Acton Ayala


Hi Angela,

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to meet new people, hear their experiences, and learn so much from your wonderful class! I am so much more aware of memory triggers and the importance of writing them down for future reference. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!

Thanks for a memorable experience!

Karen Heywood


Record your memories in chronological order! It's so easy and super fun! Then, use those memories to write your autobiography or memoirs!

This super fun book, based on Angela's popular six-week course, will result in your memories being recorded, in chronological order, and, ultimately, your finished autobiography!


Lesson One: Autobiography or memoirs? Why you should not let another week pass by without working on your autobiography. Memory trigger notebook setup. Memories at the forefront.

Lesson Two: Playing with Memory Triggers. What are they? How to use them. How to record memories quickly and efficiently. Begin work on first batch of memory triggers.

Lesson Three: Keep Playing with Memory Triggers. Begin work on second batch of memory triggers.

Lesson Four: The secret ingredient that makes an autobiography special...and it's right in your own house.

Lesson Five: This is the day you've been waiting for! Chapter one will be completed today. Learn the secret that makes people want to buy your book right away!

Lesson Six: You're almost finished! Follow Angela's easy writing schedule recommendation to ensure your book is finished FAST! Start planning for Print on Demand. Paperback or hardback? Cover design ideas and more!

SUPPLIES: You will need a blank notebook for your memory triggers, preferably 8.5 x 11. Spiral bound works best for easy page turning. You will also need a nice pen that you enjoy writing with.


Last week, I mentioned my upcoming class on using Memory Triggers to record your memories in chronological order, and using these dated memories to write your autobiography. In preparing the class, I'm once again doing the memory trigger exercises, which is a LOT of fun! What's odd about memory triggers is that they seem to awaken parts of your brain and bring forth memories that have nothing to do with the topic you're working on. So, after working on the triggers, I see pieces of my past flashing by in my mind when I'm doing mundane things, like laundry and dishes.

The great thing about these memories is the looks on my children's faces when I share the tales with them at dinnertime. Yesterday, when I was sitting in the car waiting for Frank to get out of school, I had a vision. I was five and standing at the dining room window, looking out at my best friend's house across the street. Beyond the big pecan tree and the quiet afternoon street was her home, which looked a lot like mine. She was standing in her front window, too. She had her hands on her hips and was turned around and shaking her butt at me. Then she turned back around, stuck her tongue out and made a really nasty face at me. That was my very first friend, Lisa Strandtman.

I haven't seen her since I was five when we moved away from that house on Nenana Street in Houston, Texas. I had completely forgotten about that little ritual we performed whenever we had a fight. I sure miss her. I wonder where she is now? (UPDATE: A few weeks after this was posted, Lisa Strandtman found me online because of the post above!)

We lived in that house when my dad died. He was 30. I was five. I only have four memories of him. In one he's tying my shoes. In another, he's dancing with me. In another, he's holding me and my brother is trying to climb up his leg (he was 6' 8"). And, finally, I remember him spanking me after I put my doll on a lit lamp (which I knew not to do). It caught on fire. Poor Thumbelina never did recover.

While I was thinking about that, I started remembering dozens of stories from that time period that I had never told the children. There were the two nasty twins living next door, Kendall and Kelsey. Oh, how mean they were! Their mother wasn't much better. She dug up a bunch of my mom's plants and put them in her own yard. And the little boy, Scott, who sat in front of a car one day to make the driver think she ran over him. That was the same little boy who got a horrible burn on his arm after he and Darin, my brother, played with matches and Saran Wrap (a nasty combination). And then there was our dog, Candy Man, who liked to lift his leg and pee on me. Mom said he went to "live on a farm."

So, here I was thinking I had almost no memories from my early childhood, but I do! Hundreds of them!

Don't let another day go by without starting your legacy, which will last for generations to come!

Remember Your Past, Write It and Publish It in as little as 12 weeks!


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Angela Hoy, the author of 11 non-fiction titles, is the co-owner of and BookLocker. is the free marketing emag for writers that features new paying markets and freelance job listings every Wednesday. According to attorney Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print, BookLocker is one of the top-rated POD publishers in the industry.


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