Holiday Recovery

We did not have a white Christmas so we didn’t get to go tubing and skiing with Richard’s dad and step-mommy. However, it did start to snow about two hours before they were scheduled to leave. Oh well… At least they got SOME snow while they were here!

Our Christmas was wonderful and the children are already back in school. We had a nice ice storm on Monday, which meant we couldn’t go anywhere. I always enjoy those days when we have a valid excuse to stay at home all day long in our pajamas. I call those Jammie Days.

During the week before Christmas, Mason (who just turned 6 months) started saying Da Da and signing Ma Ma. On New Year’s Eve, he started saying Ma Ma. He now says and signs Ma Ma at the same time. Mason now knows three signs. He can sign Hi, Percy (dog) and Ma Ma. Yea!!!

This week’s Maxism:

Max was sooo excited in the hours before Grandpa arrived that he was literally jumping from one end of the living room to the other. I was laughing at his antics and asked, “Does your tummy hurt, Max?”

He said, “No, why?”

I replied, “Sometimes when I’m really excited about something, I get a tummy ache. It feels like butterflies are flying around in my tummy.”

He said, “Oh, Mom. That just means you need to poop.”


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