He Smelled Like Raw Dirt

Since Spring is here, Richard has our wireless Internet connection working outside again, so we can work outside when it’s convenient. He was outside all day today, but I was upstairs, supervising Ali and Frank’s homeschooling assignments for the day. They took Max outside around lunchtime to play and I stayed in to get caught up on my email.

After they came back inside, I was cuddling Max, putting him down for his afternoon nap, when I noticed that he smelled like raw dirt…you know, that smell you have on your hands after you’ve been digging in the garden. It was a beautiful smell and made me glance outside, longing for the Spring sunshine. I was about to grab my laptop and skip out the backdoor when I noticed clouds had moved in and the skies were looking dark and heavy. Oh well…

We have that trip itch again and we’re leaving on Wednesday for a five-day RV excursion to the coast. That online homeschooling is really working out for the children! They love being able to take school with them wherever we go.

Richard and his friend, Tim, took an overnight trip to Tim’s land near Bar Harbor last Saturday and they saw a wild black bear. Like the intelligent men they are (ahem), they decided to follow the bear with the digital camera. And, no, they didn’t have a gun on them nor any other kind of protection. When Richard was telling his story, he noticed the panic on my face and quickly said, “Don’t worry. We were close enough to the RV to get to it if he’d chased us.” Yeah, right! On Tim’s land is a very old cemetery from the mid-1800’s. It truly is in the middle of nowhere and I wonder if the government even knows it exists.

For Mother’s Day, I got a handheld CB for the RV. Cool!!

Hugs to all!