First Formal Dance. Awweeee….

Ali and Frank had their first formal dance last weekend. Ali (age 17) went with her boyfriend and Frank (age 15) went with Ali’s best friend, who just happens to be a senior. Now, don’t worry. There is no romance there. They just went as friends. The boys looked quite spiffy in their tuxedos and the girls looked so beautiful.

The very next day, Frank had to get a tooth pulled (there’s not enough room in that boy’s mouth for all those teeth!) at the request of the orthodonist. The tooth (a bottom, front tooth) was soooo long that we’ve been calling Frank Dracula.

It’s too cold this week to take M&M (Max and Mason) anywhere fun so we’re pretty much stuck here for the week. I’m getting more frequent episodes of cabin fever. That means we need to start planning our next big trip! We’re thinking the Florida Keys are calling our names…

This Week’s Sweet Maxism:

Max bought me a “mood ring” at the museum store. It was obvious that he took a great deal of time picking out this gift for me. When I opened it, I gave him big hugs and kisses and put it on. He said, “That’s the only ring a boy that loves a mother can get. It makes you look so happy.”


The other day, Max said, “I’m glad Christmas is over.”

I asked, “Why?”

He responded, “Because now I can be rude.”

Hugs to everybody!


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