Duck Attack!

We are still in North Carolina. It’s hot and sticky… and kinda feels just like Texas! We’ve had some excellent food here and are enjoying ourselves immensely. Frank flew down on Sunday to spend Spring Break with us. We’ll be mining for emeralds later this week and Frank, who has always wanted to be a geologist, is very excited about that.

On Saturday evening, we were feeding the ducks at a campground pond. They were pretty aggressive. Okay, they were incredibly aggressive. Whenever I turned my head, the alpha male duck would grab the bread right out of my hand. Mason was sitting on my lap and, while he was laughing at the ducks that were almost in HIS lap, he was snuggling closer and closer to me. Pretty soon, Max, too, had glued himself to my lap and both boys were clinging to me and laughing. The big white duck got too close and nipped Mason on the cheek. He didn’t cry, and didn’t even get a scratch, but he did NOT think they were funny anymore, and wanted to leave.

We went back to the RV for more bread and Richard came back to the pond with us so he could hold Mason. When one duck got within 10 feet of them, Mason started yelling so Richard stayed way back. I taught Max how to put bread on his shoe so they’d eat it right off him. He thought that was fun. A few minutes later, a small flock of Canadian geese flew in, squawking, and making quite a racket. They were too timid to partake of our bread but they were oh-so-beautiful! Between the wild geese, the sun setting behind oncoming storm clouds, and the darkening pond, it was quite a show!

You can see where we are today, and view lots of photos (including one of the duck that bit Mason) here:


One evening last weekend, I reprimanded Max for once again sticking his finger up his nose.

He replied, “I like to stick my finger in there. I can feel a piece of my brain.”



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