And, Another Trip to Urgent Care

And, Another Trip to Urgent Care

When you have children, you grow accustomed to taking them to the emergency room or closest urgent care center when a minor accident occurs. However, you can’t count on them to stop having those accidents when they become adults. The last three trips we’ve taken to emergency rooms and urgent care centers involved our three adult children. Zach (age 29) was in a minor car accident last year, Frank (age 23) cut his foot on an oyster shell, and, yesterday, Ali (age 24) had an accident at work.

What did our pastry chef daughter do? She was cutting pumpkins for a dessert special and she stabbed herself in the groin. No, I’m not kidding. After her brief phone call, asking me to meet her at urgent care, I was driving, worrying, and wondering how in the world she managed to do that. I just couldn’t picture it in my mind.

While they were stitching her up, she explained that she was standing while cutting the pumpkins. The table in the kitchen at the restaurant is a bit low and she’s very tall. She was cutting downward and the brand new, recently-sharpened knife slipped. She thought at first that it had just bumped her but, when she ran to the bathroom to check, she had a small cut that was very deep. It didn’t bleed much. It was very clean. But she could see way inside of it.

The doc cleaned it up good (I think they got all the pumpkin remnants out – ewww!!!), stitched her up, and put her on antibiotics as a precaution. She waited too long to go to urgent care (6 hours!!), putting her at a higher risk of infection. She’s a good employee and she didn’t want the restaurant to have to pay for stitches. Isn’t she sweet? The head chef (who is also her fiance) is who finally made her go for stitches.

I never want our kids to take unnecessary meds but I’m glad they put her on antibiotics because she’s getting married next month, and then leaving for Europe for her honeymoon. We don’t want her getting an infection before all of that.

And, now I have something new to write in Ali’s baby book. “First Worker’s Comp Claim!” Awe…


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I replied, “Sure! What?”

He smiled, and said, “No math!”

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