Ali Saves A Toddler’s Life

Ali has always been very observant. While most people are caught up in their own worlds and own problems, Ali’s eyes are open and she notices the smallest details.

On Monday, a toddler, tall for his age, was walking down the road toward the bay here (we’re on Navarre Beach in Florida). A van drove right past him, steering around him, but didn’t bother to stop. He kept walking and was obviously alone. Ali hollered to me and then went to the toddler, who was almost to the water by then. He walked right past several people on the beach and nobody noticed. He was almost to the water…and still, nobody noticed.

Ali stopped him and I joined her and we introduced him to Max. He kept looking at the water (it is clear, warm and quite tempting!), but Max took his attention away from it for a few moments. I asked other people on the beach but nobody knew him. Just as Ali started walking in the direction from which he’d come, looking for his family, three people (hisfather and two sisters) came racing down that road, running as fast as people do when a baby is in danger.

They were all extremely thankful that Ali was so alert and that she’d saved their little boy. Had she not noticed him, I’d have no doubt there would have been a tragedy here that day.

Where are we today? On the beach in sunny Florida! Check out our adventures and photos at:

Hugs to all!

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