Abbreviated Holiday Issue

We’re officially “on vacation” this week, even though we’re at home in Bangor. It was almost 50 degrees here on Christmas Eve and all our snow melted. We had our first green Christmas since moving here! Richard’s grandmother is visiting from Corpus Christi, Texas…where they had four inches of snow. She said she should have stayed at home to get her white Christmas.

Early Sunday morning, we had a nice snowstorm and the children are outside right now getting rosey-cheeked and chilled but laughing with glee. The sun has made the snow just slushy enough for building a snowman.

We’ll be spending New Year’s Eve safe at home, as always. Never could figure out why people celebrate a holiday by getting snot-slingin’ drunk, only to spend New Year’s Day feeling horrible. Ridiculous…

We wish you all a very safe and warm holiday this weekend!


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