A Strange Man In My Kitchen

We had a wonderful holiday weekend…doing almost nothing. Ali and Frank enjoyed the parade downtown and we then spent the afternoon planting more trees and shrubs in the yard. By sundown on Monday, I pronounced the yard finished for this year. It looks really nice and we’ll have lots more shade from the new baby trees…in about 20 years. I’ve always wanted a magnolia tree and now we have two! I’m really excited about that.

Each year, Ali and I have a pumpkin growing contest. This year, I made a bed by the backdoor and planted my seeds directly in the ground. Ali planted her seedlings weeks ago so she’s already way ahead of me. Ali and Frank are going to plant their seedlings this week. Along with the pumpkins, they have green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe and corn.

Zach will be 18 in September and as he’s grown older, he’s gotten bigger…and his friends have gotten bigger, too! On Saturday night, I was in the kitchen in my pajamas when a man I didn’t know walked through the room and out the backdoor. He is one of Zach’s new friends and he graduates this month.

On Sunday, we did something we’d been planning for several weeks. We moved Zach out of his room into the office on the other side of the house, and moved the office into Zach’s old room. He always has lots of friends over and his room just seemed to keep getting smaller and smaller. Now, his room is huge and is more like an apartment than a room. Richard and I even bought him a doorbell and a brass number 1 for his door. Heh… He thought that was pretty funny. Hmmm…maybe we should start charging him rent? Anyway, the best part is that his friends can now use the bathroom on the other side of the house, which is right by the backdoor, and they won’t be walking by our bedroom door anymore. No longer do I have to bump into teenage boys on my way to the bathroom at night and listen to them laughing and hollering at their video games after midnight.

While Zach’s friends are big and loud, they are all very friendly and polite. None of them smokes or drinks or does anything naughty. They’re all into video games, basketball and computers. We are SO blessed.

Hugs to all!

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