7 High-Paying Science and Tech Markets for Freelance Writers By William Opar

7 High-Paying Science and Tech Markets for Freelance Writers By William Opar

In this digital age, several online publications seek talented writers to create engaging content on science and technology. In this article, we have compiled a list of seven.

  1. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a science and technology magazine focusing on information technology, biotechnology, and their impact on society.

They accept pitches for feature articles from freelance writers of all skill levels in science and technology. They also have bi-monthly calls for pitches for the print magazine. You can fill out their online form to be contacted whenever there’s a call for pitches.

Read their submission guidelines to understand the kinds of stories they are looking for.

They pay $1-$2 per word for features ranging between 2000-4000 words.

  1. Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is a print and digital magazine focusing on the latest science and technology news, how-to guides, and expert product reviews that provide readers with knowledge and actionable advice.

They accept feature articles on maintenance or repair, science, technology or aerospace, outdoors and health.

Read their submission guidelines to find more information on what they are looking for and where to send a pitch for a feature article.

They pay $300 to over $1000 per article.

  1. Discover Magazine

Discover magazine focuses on publishing captivating science, medicine and technology developments in the world around us.

Their current needs revolve around the latest science news, theories, breakthroughs in health, medicine and the mind, environmental issues, and many more.

Hint: They want stories that educate, inform, and excite readers about science.

Read their pitching guideline for more information.

They pay $1 per word for the print magazine and $300 per article for web copy.

  1. Rest of World

Rest of World is a digital publication that covers stories focusing on the impacts of technology. The Rest of World’s China Desk is accepting pitches outside the West bubble. They publish stories covering the human-level impact of Chinese technology within China and across the world. These stories can be in the form of news, reports, and ideas.

They are currently interested in the following topics:

  • Generative AI and its impact
  • China tech’s long-tail and its influence outside China
  • E-Commerce
  • Electric vehicles

Read their submission guidelines for more information on how to send them a pitch.

They pay $500 per story.

  1. Scientific American

Scientific American covers recent scientific discoveries, technical innovations and overviews of ongoing research. They accept pitches on varied scientific topics, including health, mind and brain, environment, technology, space and physics.

They publish stories ranging from news articles and feature articles, to opinion and analysis articles. Read their submission guidelines for more information on sending your pitch.

They pay $1.5 per word for articles 2500-3000 words.

  1. Quanta Magazine

Quanta Magazine is an online publication that helps the public to understand science. They cover stories focusing on the latest developments in mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science research, and basic life sciences.

If you’re interested, send your pitch idea through their contact page.

They pay $1.75 per word for a feature article of 1500 words.

  1. Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine is an online publication that covers contemporary and future trends in technology, focusing on how science and technology are reshaping the world. They accept pitches for long-form features.

According to their pitching guidelines, they pay $2,500 per feature article.


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