Author sues athlete for pulling out of co-authored book deal; Twitter ordered to unmask FBI Impersonator – …In the News 10/09/2020

Author sues athlete for pulling out of co-authored book deal; Twitter ordered to unmask FBI Impersonator – …In the News 10/09/2020

The L.A. Times is hiring ONE PERSON. 
Billionaire Owner Seeking New Editor at Embattled L.A. Times
“Los Angeles Times Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine plans to step down, leaving billionaire owner Patrick Soon-Shiong in search of a new leader for a paper struggling with sluggish digital growth and a lack of diversity in its newsroom.”

It’s far too easy to fake stuff now.
Judge Orders Twitter To Unmask FBI Impersonator Who Set Off Seth Rich Conspiracy
“While Twitter fought to keep the user’s identity secret, U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu in Oakland, Calif., ordered on Tuesday that the tech company must turn over the information to attorneys representing Rich’s family in a defamation suit by Oct. 20.”

Media companies that fail at fact-checking should be held accountable
Devin Nunes lost in court against a magazine. Now he wants to change US libel law
“In a new legal brief, the California Republican is urging a federal appeals court to reconsider a 1964 Supreme Court case that’s considered the bedrock of U.S. libel law. That case, known as New York Times vs. Sullivan, holds that public officials can successfully sue news organizations only if they can prove that journalists act with “actual malice” in publishing false information.”

Fair use? Not quite!!
Publication Fights Back With Fair Use In Caroline Wozniacki Copyright Case
“The photographer, Michael Barrett Boesen, filed a complaint against United Sports Publications, LTD — the owner of the website — for displaying his photograph of tennis player Caroline Wozniacki on its website by way of embedding an Instagram post that was actually first published by Wozniacki.”

Curious why he pulled out. We’ll be watching this one.
Calgary author sues Lanny McDonald over alleged decision to pull biography
“Author Kirstie Day has filed a lawsuit against hockey great Lanny McDonald over his alleged decision to halt the publication of the book the two had worked on. According to publisher Harper Collins, Call Me Lanny — a book on McDonald’s life both on the ice and away from the rink — was expected to go on sale in October.”

What are the odds? (Hardy har har…)
Alleged Poker Cheater Mike Postle Sues Poker Community For Libel And Defamation
“Despite his initial victory in court, Postle has been seen as guilty in the eyes of the majority of the poker public, many who have been outspoken in their belief that he cheated, most likely with the help of an accomplice. Theories on how it could have happened range from bone-conducting headphones in his hat, to hole card information sent to his phone, but so far, no one has been able to definitively prove Postle cheated outside of his statistically improbable winnings and seemingly near-perfect poker play.”

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