Nurse Earns $2M in 1 Year Profit Selling Her Old Study Notes – In The News – 02/23/23

Nurse Earns $2M in 1 Year Profit Selling Her Old Study Notes – In The News – 02/23/23

Studying for nursing school paid off BIG!
Nurse banks millions after side hustle goes viral: ‘It was very unintentional’
“Beggs’ unprecedented success has turned into a full-time job, she said. However, she still works as a nurse and also picked up a university instructing gig.”

Romance novelist fails in her attempt to disappear from the law.
Wyoming police locate missing romance novelist who allegedly fled to Hawaii after arrest
“Before leaving Jackson, Hopkins also allegedly bought a new cellphone, coming with a new phone number.”

Dumbing down America
School Districts Are Dropping Honors Classes in the Name of Equity
“At Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, honors English classes were eliminated because teachers felt they had ‘a moral imperative’ to do so to ensure equity for minority students”

Have we had enough of the royal drama yet?
‘South Park’ parody of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle could turn into legal threat, royal expert claims
“As we saw in the dreadful Netflix docuseries, Harry, if possible, is at least a better actor than Meghan. Mostly in the dramatic scenes with Beyoncé calling.”

Rewriting the past…
Roald Dahl children’s books rewritten to delete references to ‘fat’ characters, add ‘inclusive’ gender terms
“Puffin, the publisher of Dahl’s classic works, has hired sensitivity readers to make changes to certain portions of the author’s wording in the U.K. editions as part of an effort to ensure the books ‘can continue to be enjoyed by all today.'”

If he’s practicing what he preaches, why isn’t he giving his book away?
Bernie Sanders confronted on whether he’s ‘benefiting’ from system he’s ‘trying to dismantle’ during book tour
“Front row tickets for Sanders’ event promoting his new book, ‘It’s Okay To Be Angry About Capitalism,’ at the Anthem in Washington, D.C., are on sale for nearly $100 on Ticketmaster.”

An amazing blast from the past.
WWII love letters hidden behind wall in New York home delivered to family 80 years later
“She kept him alive during the war. He lived for her. It’s like the love story you read about or see in a movie and wish you had.”

A big step in the right direction for protecting our kids.
School district forced to pay over 100K in legal fees after banning moms from exposing pornographic materials
“…a federal judge in November ruled FCS Board’s public participation policy unconstitutional and barred them from enforcing it. The judge also ordered the district to end its ban on Hair from speaking at board meetings.”

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