Journalist Murder; Writing and Dementia; Amazon Using Seller Data To Develop Products; AND MORE… In The News – 11/21/2019

Journalist Murder; Writing and Dementia; Amazon Using Seller Data To Develop Products; AND MORE… In The News – 11/21/2019

Gay Journalists Flee Saudi Arabia
Gay Saudi journalists detained in Australia after asylum bid
“In August, one of the men received a phone call from a relative warning they knew of their gay relationship and if it it wasn’t ended his partner would be killed.”

Journalist Murder Case Slowly Unraveling
Malta mogul arrested on yacht in journalist murder case
“Maltese national Yorgen Fenech was detained on his yacht at dawn as he tried to leave Malta, a police source told AFP, in the latest development in the long-running case that has raised questions about the rule of law in Malta.”

6 Million Dollars Helps The Medicine Go Down
‘Mary Poppins’ author P.L. Travers’ home — in one of London’s ritziest neighborhoods — just hit the market for over $6 million. Here’s a look inside.
“In 1962, Travers purchased a 2,195-square-foot house in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. She lived there until her death in 1996.”

Amazon Using Third Party Seller Data To Design Products – To Compete Against Third Party Sellers!
Amazon Admits to Congress That it Uses ‘Aggregated’ Data from Third-Party Sellers to Come up with its Own Products
“Amazon has been ramping up the number of private label brands it sells during the last three years, stoking fear and concern among some sellers and brands that sell competing products on the marketplace. The company says it now offers roughly 158,000 private brand products, plus additional variations on those products.”

Use It or Lose It
The Brain Benefits of Reading and Writing
“Illiterate men and women were 2.65 times as likely as the literate to have dementia at the start of the study, and twice as likely to have developed it by the end.”

NBA Star Threatens To Hit Female Reporter
Charles Barkley Sorry for Threatening to Hit Female Reporter, ‘Attempted Joke’
“I don’t hit women, but if I did I would hit you.”




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