Conservative Children’s Book #1 on Amazon – In The News – 05/07/2022

Conservative Children’s Book #1 on Amazon – In The News – 05/07/2022

The arrogance of the media execs is disgusting!
Bari Weiss confronts media bosses during panel: News orgs should ‘apologize for things that they got wrong’
“Often the people that are trying to grab people by the shirt lapels and tell them that they’re crazy in that it isn’t true also tried to tell us that, you know, that Donald Trump conspired with Russia to steal the election, which turned out to basically not be true. Basically, not be true, guys. Let’s be honest…”

The way this man was treated was an overt attempt to frighten all future whistleblowers.
Hunter Biden laptop repairman sues Schiff, CNN, Politico, Daily Beast
“Once the story was out and my name was leaked to the public, it had been a matter of at first running and hiding. Now it’s trying to just rebuild my life…”

Anyone who thinks this is okay needs a good therapist.
Texas library assoc. hosts drag queens, social justice workshop to ‘help students become anti-racists’
“The controversial ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ events have made their way around American libraries in recent years, with one event in Philadelphia featuring a performer calling himself ‘Annie Christ,’ a play on the term anti-Christ. The trend has spread to the United Kingdom, where books about ‘feminist fairytales and gender fluid novels’ are read to ‘young children.'”

Amazon’s blatant bias fails to prevent Johnny the Walrus from becoming #1.
Amazon Targets Conservative Children’s Book About Gender Identity
“Ads for the book on Amazon also have been rejected by the tech giant as not being ‘appropriate for all audiences’—an umbrella term for standards that ban advertising for books promoting incest and pedophilia, among other things.”

Case against Don Lemon dropped
Don Lemon Assault Case Dropped By Accuser After “Deep Dive Into My Memory”; CNN Host’s Lawyer Decries “Malicious & Vulgar Attack” On Client
“This claim follows his unsuccessful threats and demands for an exorbitant amount of money from Don Lemon…”

Well, this is no surprise.
NBC News Reveals Plagiarism Scandal; Discloses 11 Articles Were Improperly Sourced
“A review by NBC News has found 11 articles written by a reporter over the last year that did not meet our standards for original material. The articles contained passages from other news organizations that were used without attribution.”

When people do something just because “everybody is doing it.”
Authors Condemn Forthcoming OUP Title
“When reached for additional comment, a representative of the press reiterated the house’s stance via email: ‘Our mission and unwavering focus on scholarly integrity guide everything we do and underpin our commitment to publishing a wide spectrum of peer-reviewed research globally, from different disciplines and viewpoints.'”

Did you know you could be CRIMINALLY charged with defamation in the US??
Criminal defamation case against Roanoke cop involves Facebook posts about Tazewell lawyer
“The Roanoke officer in question is Larry ‘Kenny’ Bowman. He’s charged with ‘combining to injure others in their reputation, trade, business or profession.’ It’s a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine.”


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