Amazon Ships Nasty Old Waffle; Publisher Dumps Author Accused of Molestation; and MORE – In The News – 01/09/2020

Amazon Ships Nasty Old Waffle; Publisher Dumps Author Accused of Molestation; and MORE – In The News – 01/09/2020

It’s Good to see Justice Prevail when the Big Media Choose to Target a Juvenile
Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Gets Settlement From CNN After $275 Million Lawsuit
“CNN couldn’t resist the idea that here’s a guy with a young boy, with that Make America Great Again cap on. So, they go after him.”

French Author Accused of Molestation Gets What He Deserves
French Publisher Pulls Books by Writer Accused of Child Sexual Abuse
“Matzneff has never made any secret of his sexual preference for adolescent girls and boys, and it did not stop him winning the prestigious Renaudot prize in 2013. In ‘Les Moins de Seize Ans’, which was published in 1974 and reissued in 2005, he was frank about indulging his obsessional ‘taste’ for underage partners and sex tourism.”

Just Another Reminder that “Free Speech” doesn’t Translate to “Consequence-Free” Speech.
Minnesota Company Fires Worker who Criticized Holiday Gift via Twitter
“Fastenal said the tweet violated the company’s policy on social media posts. CEO Dan Florness said the policy about acceptable standards of conduct is given to every employee and posted on the company website.”

WOW…Even RUSSIA Doesn’t Like Predatory Publishing
Russian Journals Retract More Than 800 Papers After ‘Bombshell’ Investigation
“The same RAS commission caused a stir in September 2019, when it recommended not voting for 56 candidates—out of a total of more than 1800—during the academy’s membership elections, because of their alleged involvement in plagiarism and other types of misbehavior.”

Waffle maker from Amazon is delivered with old, crusty waffle inside
“’I guess @khadeeja_safdar, @deniseduana & @shaneshifflett of @WSJ are right. @amazon has no quality control,’ he added, referring to a Wall Street Journal article warning of the potential horrors of ordering items from Amazon.”



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