Biden Plagiarism Avoidance; Publisher Cancels Book Release Over Factual Errors; Amazon Sweat Shops (yes, again!); AND MUCH MORE! – …In the News – 10/24/19

Biden Plagiarism Avoidance; Publisher Cancels Book Release Over Factual Errors; Amazon Sweat Shops (yes, again!); AND MUCH MORE! – …In the News – 10/24/19

Wow, can you say “Failure to Conduct Due Diligence?”
Publisher cancels Naomi Wolf’s book ‘Outrages’ after accuracy concerns arise
“After Naomi Wolf was called out for errors in her latest book, a prominent U.S. publisher has jettisoned plans to release it.”

Better Safe Than Sorry, Eh?
Joe Biden’s Campaign Has Spent at Least $4,200 on Anti-Plagiarism Software
“Biden’s presidential campaign spent $4,200 beginning on July 10 for iThenticate’s plagiarism prevention services.”

Interesting Protest to Bring Public Attention
Australian Newspapers Redact Front Pages to Protest Media Curbs
“Australia has no constitutional safeguards for free speech, although the government added a provision to protect whistleblowers when it strengthened counter-espionage laws in 2018.”

Workers Locked In with No Fire Alarms and Forced Productivity
Amazon selling clothes from Bangladesh factories where workers are ‘trapped’
“The report traced products sold on Amazon to a factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where managers are able to lock workers inside and that doesn’t have fire alarms. One 18-year-old worker said she spends 12 hours a day stitching shirts with about 300 others: ‘You’re trapped inside until the time you complete the orders,’ she told the (Wall Street) Journal.”

E-Book Access Control is Catching The Eye of Congress
Congress Looking Into Anticompetitive Behavior in the Digital Library Market
“Librarians … say that not being allowed to license multiple copies upon publication unfairly punishes digital readers, and will only serve to frustrate users and will hurt the ability of the library to serve their community, especially if other publishers follow suit.”

Barnes and Noble Still in Legal Battle with Former CEO
Barnes & Noble Will Seek to Dismiss Ex-CEO’s Defamation Claim
“In its filing, B&N attorneys claim that summary judgment is appropriate with respect to the two claims ‘because the undisputed facts require their dismissal as a matter of law.'”

Is the U.S. Moving in This Direction?
My Socialist Hell: The Death of Free Speech in Venezuela
“There is a reason why most of my tweets are in English and I dance around words, not directly naming anyone unless it’s required, because I’m at constant risk of getting jailed due to ‘hate speech.’ If I get arrested then who will take care of my brother?”




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