This MUST be removed from Amazon!; Author admits she’s not really black; Big Brother Bezos watching employees and contractors; Protesters pretending to be press; and MUCH more! – … In the News 09/03/2020

Poor research and reporting can land you in a courtroom
Sarah Palin can sue New York Times for defamation – court ruling
“A federal judge on Friday rejected the New York Times’ bid to dismiss Sarah Palin’s defamation lawsuit over a 2017 editorial she said falsely linked her to a mass shooting.”

For almost three years, Amazon was selling child s*x dolls! And, we found another one!
Child s*x dolls on Amazon cause uproar
“Various sex dolls with a child-like appearance are sold on Amazon. The online retailer knows about the issue since 2017.”


Mom Fights to Ban Child Sex Dolls After Daughter’s Likeness Was Used for One

“The $559 doll resembled her 8-year-old daughter and, according to the Amazon ad…”

NOTE: We reported what we found to Amazon. Anything to earn a buck, right Amazon? DISGUSTING!!!

It’s not difficult to find out which political groups are funding media outlets
Network of news sites must register as a political committee due to Democratic links, complaint alleges
“Federal election laws and regulations do not apply to media outlets unless they are ‘owned or controlled by’ a political party, committee or candidate and are acting as a media outlet rather than a political one.”

Why do people do this?!
Author (and Professor) admits she lied about being black
“Krug has a Ph.D. and is the author of the book Fugitive Modernities: Kisama and the Politics of Freedom…”

Press pretenders!
Portland protests set up clash between journalists, police
“Most in the recent group wore helmets, reflective vests or shirts emblazoned with the word ‘PRESS’ and had media badges dangling from their necks. But some were demonstrators, taking cover behind reporters despite orders to go home or face arrest.”

Thank you, Victoria Strauss, for keeping authors safe from these scammers!
Scammers Impersonating Major Publishing Houses
“Here’s the pitch one author received from ‘Michael Smith’ of “HarperCollins…”

Watch out for “Big Brother Bezos!”
Amazon tracking “labor organizing threats” within the company, report says
“A screenshot of the ad, which has since been removed, shows Amazon seeking to recruit an analyst to collect information related to ‘labor organizing threats against the company.'”


Amazon is reportedly surveilling its Flex delivery drivers in private Facebook groups
Vice notes: “Those compiling the reports are instructed to note the apparent sentiment of posts and to look for Flex workers sharing news stories where ‘Warehouse employees [are] complaining about the poor working condition’ or that discuss ‘planning for any strike or protest against Amazon.’”

They were sued for “publishing poor-quality work.”
Jiangsu Court Rules in Favor of Publisher Sued for Homophobic Book
“Publishing houses should regulate the quality of their books based on laws and regulations, but they are not responsible for censoring academic opinions or cognitive dissonance,” the verdict read.

Pretty stupid move by BuzzFeed!
Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against BuzzFeed, Sets Major DMCA Precedent
“BuzzFeed was liable for 3rd party infringement of his photo because they removed his copyright info from the image.”