Amazon Refuses to Reveal Charitable Contributions to Shareholders – In The News – 06/10/2022

Amazon Refuses to Reveal Charitable Contributions to Shareholders – In The News – 06/10/2022

I wonder what HIS retirement package looks like.
Amazon executive in charge of consumer business resigns
“Clark joined Amazon in 1999, just a day after graduating from an MBA program.”

New protections for freelancers.
Freelance Isn’t Free Act Passes in New York State
“The law requires employers to provide written contracts for all freelance workers and that those freelancers be paid by the agreed-upon date or within 30 days of the completion of the work.”

Crazier than fiction.
Hollywood Horror Writer Turned Killer: The Blake Leibel Story (True Crime Documentary)
“What Leibel did to his fiancé Iana Kasian inside that apartment is a nightmare that no one wants to have.”

Google/YouTube Liable
Google ordered to pay Australian politician over defamatory YouTube videos
“By continuing to publish the content … Google breached its own policies aimed at protecting public figures from being unfairly targeted”

I think it’s pretty obvious what they’re trying to hide.
Amazon refuses shareholder request to reveal charitable contributions
“It is understandable, then, that some shareholders have concerns in this area. The shareholders argue that, ‘Absent a system of transparency and accountability for charitable contributions, Company executives may use Company assets for objectives that are not shared by and may be inimical to the interests of the Company and its shareholders.'”

U.S. media take note – THIS is real journalism.
Ukrainian journalist confronts Russia’s Sergei Lavrov with grain theft claim
“’Apart from cereals, what other goods did you steal from Ukraine and who did you sell them to?’ the journalist asked.”

For those who say there’s not enough diversity…
For the first time, female Israeli authors outpaced males in publishing in 2021
“Just over half, 52%, were credited to female authors, giving them a majority for the first time since the library began collecting statistics.”

I’ve got to wonder why this guy waited until now.
Mariah Carey is being sued over ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’
“The complaint said Stone’s lawyers first contacted the defendants in April 2021 about their alleged unauthorized use, but were ‘unable to come to any agreement.'”

CRAZY Woke journalist turns Wa-Po upside-down….
Washington Post suspends Dave Weigel after colleague called him out for retweeting joke mocking women
“On Friday, reporter Felicia Sonmez shared a screenshot of a tweet written by YouTube host Cam Harless, who said…”


…and gets fired for it.
The Washington Post fires reporter Felicia Sonmez after a week of feuding publicly with her colleagues
“At times, some of her colleagues went on Twitter to plead with Sonmez to stop attacking The Post on social media.”


While another Washington Post journalist has been accused of publishing flat-out LIES.
The Washington Post’s week from Hell
“Following the public slamming of Lorenz and the Post, the Post stealth-edited her piece, removing the erroneous statement without including an editor’s note.”


Washington Post only corrected the lies after FOX reported on it!
Questions remain as Taylor Lorenz blames editor, ‘bad faith campaign’ over erroneous WaPo report
“After Fox News reported the latest dispute on Saturday, Lorenz attempted to set the record straight, citing ‘miscommunication’ and blaming her editor all while suggesting any scrutiny of her reporting is a “bad faith campaign” against her and the Washington Post.”


Same Wa-Po reporter doxxed a TikTok creator.
Washington Post publishes identity of ‘Libs of TikTok’ creator
“‘Libs of TikTok’ creator discusses how WaPo reporter Taylor Lorenz published her identity and how it has impacted her and her family’s lives.”



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