Amazon sued for price gouging; Teen threatened with arrest for COVID post; Politicians caught receiving pirated books; AND MORE! …In The News – 04/24/2020

Amazon sued for price gouging; Teen threatened with arrest for COVID post; Politicians caught receiving pirated books; AND MORE! …In The News – 04/24/2020

World Book Day
Three Leaders in Publishing Celebrate World Book Day 2020 by Urging Readers to Help Save America’s Bookstores
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”

Australian Politicians Caught Receiving Pirated Book Copies
Malcolm Turnbull book publisher has list of ‘legion’ recipients of unauthorised copies
“And we are going to pursue those really aggressively now because there’s quite a lot at stake frankly. The number of copies that have gone out is ridiculous.”

What Country are We Living in??
Lawsuit claims teen threatened with arrest over coronavirus posts
“Hall said the girl’s messages ’caused distress and panic within the school system and law enforcement acted at the request of school health officials in a good faith effort to avoid unfounded panic.'”

Class-Action Price Gouging Lawsuit Filed Against Amazon
Amazon sued for ‘price gouging as cost of essential items soared by up to 1,000%’ during coronavirus pandemic
“Perhaps most troublingly, Amazon has maintained its unlawfully high prices on many essential items while publicly trumpeting its efforts to prevent price gouging by third-party suppliers.”

Facebook Won’t Remove Violent ANTIFA posts, BUT…
Facebook Sparks Another Free Speech Debate by Removing Anti-Lockdown Event Posts
“Given Big Tech’s history of bias and censorship, I’m deeply concerned that they and government officials are partnering not to protect public health, but to shut down views with which they disagree.”


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