Amazon KDP Complaints; Why is Dog Ear Publishing Still “in business?!”; Angry AuthorHouse Author Writes an Entire Book About Her Experiences; AND MUCH MORE! – …In the News – 10/17/19

Amazon KDP Complaints; Why is Dog Ear Publishing Still “in business?!”; Angry AuthorHouse Author Writes an Entire Book About Her Experiences; AND MUCH  MORE! – …In the News – 10/17/19

Read these before you publish your book with Amazon KDP (previously CreateSpace)!
Better Business Bureau Complaints about Amazon’s KDP Publishing Division
Curling covers; Use of wrong bank account number to pay royalties (Amazon’s system had been hacked?); Non-payment of royalties; Frozen author’s account; and more.

Why is Dog Ear Publishing’s website still live?!
Better Business Bureau Complaints Continue to Pour In about Dog Ear Publishing
We received a copy of an email from a Dog Ear Publishing author this week. Dog Ear, according to numerous complaints online, is ignoring emails from angry authors…but they’re still billing authors for annual hosting fees for their book! We’ll be covering that in next week’s issue of WritersWeekly.

An author got so mad at AuthorHouse that she wrote a book about them!
The AuthorHouse Scam by Robin Levin
“I’m supposed to be a reasonably intelligent woman! Nothing they’ve ever done on my behalf has had the slightest impact on book sales. Super expensive services with nothing to show for them. How could I have let them talk me into kicking Lucy’s football again? Again!”

This is a VERY interesting project!
What two centuries of book publishing tell us about the “good old days”
“The researchers used digitized text from millions of volumes published since 1820 (via Google Books) to produce a quantitative analysis of trends in ‘historical subjective wellbeing’ across the UK, the US, Italy, and Germany. If there was a ‘good old days,’ they argue, perhaps it coincided with a spate of sunnier books getting the green light from publishers…”

In California, are freelancers about to become “employed,” or will they end up losing work?
‘Even more headaches’: Publishers brace for fallout from California’s ‘gig worker’ law
“California’s Assembly Bill 5 has set the stage for an epic battle about the future of the gig economy. It has also created headaches for California-based media companies, which fear the legislation’s restrictions will affect how they use freelance writers based in the state. AB5 caps the number of articles a California writer can produce for a publication in a year at 35…”

The judge wrote, “…the works do not seem to resemble each other in the least.”
Judge Dismisses ‘Billions’ Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
“The suit, filed in federal court in New York last December, claimed that the Rhoades character, portrayed by Maggie Siff, borrowed from Shull’s work as ‘an expert in neuroeconomics, modern psychoanalysis and neuropsychoanalysis.’ Her book, ‘Market Mind Games’ was a fictionalized retelling of her experiences ‘in the form of an in-house female performance coach for a hedge fund.'”

Woman sues city after losing job over Facebook posts
City Offers Counterproposal in Galvez Invasion of Privacy Lawsuit
“Maria Horn Galvez filed suit against the city in September 2018 in state district court. Her suit alleged invasion of privacy or intrusion of seclusion in that city officials reviewed her Facebook Messenger posts, some of which were personal in nature, to obtain information to terminate her employment.”

What an IDIOT…
The Porter Medical Center Board of Directors has launched an investigation after President Seleem Choudhury was found plagiarizing weekly emails to his staff.
“‘Last week, I made a mistake using someone else (sic) words and not being more open about my anxiety,’ Choudhury wrote on Sept. 13, adding, ‘So, my message this week is that I acknowledge that mistake and will strive to do better!’ Most of the email from the week before, Sept. 6, was copied without attribution from a 2015 blog post about anxiety from a company called Interstates.”

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