174-Year-Old Book Recovered Intact from a Shipwreck! – In The News – 12/29/2022

174-Year-Old Book Recovered Intact from a Shipwreck! – In The News – 12/29/2022

Across the pond, they are very excited about Harry’s book.
Books of 2023: Prince Harry’s Spare Kicks off Publishing Bonanza
“It’s expected to include the prince’s full account behind his decision to give up royal duties and move to the US (although after Oprah and a six-hour Netflix documentary, how much more can be left to reveal?)”

174-year-old book recovered intact – from a SHIPWRECK!
Divers recover 275 artifacts, including ‘remarkable’ book, from Arctic shipwreck
“It actually has the feather quill pen still tucked inside the cover like a journal that you might write in and put on your bedside table before turning in.”

Microsoft traded real journalists for A.I. – and here’s what they got…
MSN Fired Its Human Journalists and Replaced Them With AI That Publishes Fake News About Mermaids and Bigfoot
“…the source material for each of these sensational headlines is invariably a grainy and unconvincing video that does nothing to convince us that mermaids, bigfoot, angels, or aliens are real.”

Oh say, can you © your PB&J?
Copyright Infringement Filed for Crustless Sandwiches
“Gallant Tiger’s use of the identical round crustless design and images of a round crustless sandwich with a bite taken out creates a likelihood of consumer confusion and causes harm to our goodwill in our Trademark…”

Anonymous street artist tries to stop Guess from using his work.
Banksy Defends His Art Against Guess Copyright Infringement
“While they were able to stop a gallery in Milan from selling unauthorized items with Banksy’s images based on trademark rights, Pest Control could not take the case further to copyright enforcement. That would have required documentation with Banksy’s real name.”

She’d better have more than her tarot cards…
Texas TikToker Insists a Jury Will Take Her Side in Defamation Case by Idaho Professor Over Stabbing Deaths of University Students
“Guillard says that Scofield is behind the killings, and told NewsNation in an interview that she thinks a jury will believe her. ‘They will see in court why it is true,’ Guillard said.”

Netflix war movie raises ire of veterans.
War of Independence veterans protest ‘defamatory’ Netflix movie
“It’s an antisemitic movie. When I heard about it, I was appalled. At the thought that this movie is being shown all over the world, I was driven to stand up and protest…”

A win against establishment tyranny.
Oberlin College fully pays $36.6M penalty in Gibson’s Bakery libel lawsuit
“Bakery owners … sued Oberlin College in November 2017 claiming they had been libeled by the school and their business had been harmed.”

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