Politician’s Wife Sues after Being Called a “Christian” – In the News – 12/23/22

Politician’s Wife Sues after Being Called a “Christian” – In the News – 12/23/22

Well, here’s a type of defamation complaint we’ve never seen before!
“I’m Not Christian” – Lapid’s Wife Sues Over False Claim of Faith in Jesus
“But more importantly, she announced a lawsuit against an American rabbi for defamation after he used the claims as a political smear against her and her husband.”

I don’t trust best seller lists. Nobody has ever asked US for our sales stats for such a list.
USA Today puts best selling book list on hold after laying off editor
“The list was composed using stats from sales of hardcover, paperback and e-books, not just from online retailers but also independent stores.”

Incredibly disturbing…
In the Southeast, power company money flows to news sites that attack their critics
“And soon enough, he found himself the target of a political pressure campaign, replete with character assassinations and online smears.”

He blamed his actions on “family problems.”
Ex-Twitter worker sentenced to prison in US for spying for Saudi Arabia
“Prosecutors said Abouammo, who oversaw Twitter’s relationships with journalists and celebrities in the Middle East and North Africa, conveyed sensitive information from the company’s systems to help Saudi officials identify and locate Twitter users of interest, potentially exposing them to persecution.”

The danger is real. Years ago, one woman threatened to fly to our town and beat me up. In another incident, a guy threatened to kidnap our children and “take care of” me.
‘It’s relentless’: Canada media demand action over online abuse
“The online abuse of journalists, which has become a global phenomenon, has reached a fever pitch in Canada, where dozens of media groups have joined forces with reporters to demand authorities take the matter seriously.”

Do you think Amazon will fire the employee for being armed on their property?
Armed Amazon employee stops shooter who opened fire at Arizona facility: ‘good Samaritan’
“Murphy, police said in a statement, did not work at Amazon but had ‘jealousy issues’ regarding his girlfriend, who worked at the facility but was not present at the time.”

I was in Costa Rica decades ago, and was having a conversation with a guy. He asked where I was from. I said, “I’m American.” He shook his head no, pointed at me, and replied, “Norte-americano!” I thanked him for correcting me, and never called myself just an “American” down there again. But, per the article below, I think Stanford has gone way too far. Many of the words they are recommending be used now will probably be “offensive” to some on the future.
Stanford releases guide to eliminate ‘harmful language,’ cautions against calling US citizens ‘American’
Among many other things – “The index also advises against using language with ‘violent’ words included. These terms include ‘beating a dead horse,’ ‘pull the trigger,’ ‘trigger warning’ and ‘killing two birds with one stone.'”


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