Author ordered to hand over $5.1M in book profits. Here’s why… – In the News – 12/23/21

Author ordered to hand over $5.1M in book profits. Here’s why… – In the News – 12/23/21

If you want a bad review to go viral, do something stupid…like this!
A travel writer’s bad review of a Michelin-starred restaurant went viral. The chef responded with images of horses.
“Bros’ responded to an inquiry from the ‘Today show with a “Declaration by Chef Floriano Pellegrino,’ a three-page document featuring a series of pictures of a rider on horseback.”

This guys is more crooked than my (previously broken) nose!
Andrew Cuomo ordered to return $5.1M pandemic book profits to state
“Cuomo’s book deal also is being investigated by James, the FBI, and the Brooklyn US Attorney’s Office. The state Assembly Judiciary Committee’s impeachment report found that Cuomo used staffers extensively to help prepare the book — though he insisted the work was done voluntarily and legally.”

When journalists must pay lawyers to protect from government overreach…
Photojournalist sues to block subpoena from Jan. 6 committee
“The Verizon Subpoena is overly broad with respect to time frame, and contains no limitations seeking to preserve applicable privileges or prevent violations of Harris’ constitutional rights, including her First Amendment rights as a journalist, her protection under the D.C. Shield law, and her Fourth Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure,” the lawsuit said.

If she’d only known where her hubris would lead…
The magazine story that made Elizabeth Holmes famous could now help send her to prison
“Emblematic of the gushy, overly credulous business and tech journalism ascendant at the time, Fortune’s story touched off a media stampede that transformed Holmes, then 30, into a business superstar.”

It’s ALL about the money baby! Who cares what’s “right”…right?
Amazon partnered with China propaganda arm
“Amazon was marketing a collection of President Xi Jinping’s speeches and writings on its Chinese website about two years ago, when Beijing delivered an edict, according to two people familiar with the incident. The American e-commerce giant must stop allowing any customer ratings and reviews in China.”


Amazon deleted reviews of Chinese president’s book on government’s orders: report
“Didn’t like Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book? Keep your mouth shut.”

About danged time!!
Dozens of Amazon warehouse workers walk out in protest to demand better treatment and higher wages during holiday rush
“The pre-Christmas strike took place at two Amazon warehouse locations in Staten Island and Cicero, Illinois, on Wednesday.”

With the current labor shortage, why anyone would work for Amazon is beyond me…
Amazon driver was warned she’d be fired for returning with packages during a tornado
“An Amazon delivery driver in Illinois was told to keep delivering packages after she reported hearing tornado sirens, with the dispatcher saying that the sirens were ‘just a warning.’”

Why would ANYONE believe such nonsense? When I read the headline, I laughed.
Brigitte Macron says she will sue after absurd rumour that she was born male and is really named Jean-Michel Trogneux trends on French Twitter
“Brigitte Macron is believed to be taking legal action after she was targeted by absurd rumours that she was born male and is named Jean-Michel Trogneux.”

You may THINK you’re reading posts from fellow Americans…but you may be being hoodwinked by China.
“Flood global social media with fake accounts used to advance an authoritarian agenda. Make them look real and grow their numbers of followers. Seek out online critics of the state — and find out who they are and where they live.”

Conservative children’s books launch ‘Matrix’ parody video ahead of ‘Matrix 4’ release
“BRAVE Books has released a ‘Matrix’ parody video ahead of the release of ‘The Matrix Resurrections.'”

Fact checking FAIL?
HarperCollins settles lawsuit with Roman Abramovich
“The publisher settled with the Russian oligarch in a libel dispute over Catherine Belton’s book ‘Putin’s People.’ The author agreed to change passages reflecting his reasons for purchasing Chelsea Football Club…”

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