“Game over for the ebook industry?”; Amazon executive killed by Amazon delivery van; Amazon driver steals dog; and MUCH MORE! …In the News 12/27/19

“Game over for the ebook industry?”; Amazon executive killed by Amazon delivery van; Amazon driver steals dog; and MUCH MORE! …In the News 12/27/19

Hey, authors and publishers, does this sound familiar?
Prime Power: How Amazon Squeezes the Businesses Behind Its Store
“Tumi, the luxury bag maker, sold its products at wholesale prices to Amazon for years. But executives said Amazon sometimes misjudged consumer demand, keeping too few bags in stock, and regularly demanded more in marketing and other fees. Last year, Tumi decided to sell its bags to another company, which then listed the items on Amazon. The arrangement gave Tumi more control over inventory and better sales data. A few months later, Amazon gave Tumi an ultimatum: Stop selling through the middleman, or do not sell to the retailer’s 150 million customers at all.”

Publisher might go out of business after entering into deal with discount retailer
Book People collapse plunges small publisher Galley Beggar into crisis
“Editors say it was pressured into printing an edition of Ducks, Newburyport for the discount retailer but now may not see the returns.”

Is a “sovereign Indian nation” considered part of the U.S. government? I think not.
Can Indian Tribes Sue for Libel?
“American government agencies (federal, state, and local) can’t sue for libel, the Supreme Court has held; but what about foreign countries, or Indian tribes?”

The publisher was convicted of “divulging military secrets”
Egyptian publisher gets 5 years in jail over Israeli spy book
“A military court in Egypt sentenced a publisher to five years in jail for printing a book about an alleged spy for Israel.”

Publishing industry scandal
French publishing boss claims she was groomed at age 14 by acclaimed author
“The French literary world is in shock after a leading publishing director, Vanessa Springora, alleged in a new book that she was groomed into a damaging relationship from the age of 14 with an acclaimed author who was 50.”

“To my mind it’s game over for this business.”
The 2010s were supposed to bring the ebook revolution. It never quite came.
Boomers read more ebooks than young people (because they don’t have to go to the store and they can adjust the font). Young people prefer print books because they do everything else on their phones/tablets/laptops.

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If you see an Amazon van on the street, STEER CLEAR!
Drivers delivering Amazon packages reportedly got in more than 60 crashes since 2015, resulting in serious injuries and 13 deaths, as the company prioritized faster deliveries
“Executives reportedly nixed policies that would have set higher safety requirements for delivery drivers.”

The Newseum features front pages from newspapers around the world EVERY DAY! It will be sad to see this go.
Glittering symbol of press, Newseum set to close its doors
“Just steps from the US Capitol, the Newseum’s gleaming glass-and-steel structure has for over a decade been a shining symbol for the press and free expression. But in a reflection of the woes facing the US media industry — which is itself struggling financially while also facing repeated attacks from political leaders — the Newseum will be closing its doors on December 31.”

Very sadly ironic…
Amazon executive, 50, was struck and killed by van ‘delivering Amazon packages’
“An Amazon executive died after being tragically struck and killed by a van delivering the company’s packages. Joy Covey was enjoying a leisurely afternoon bike ride in California when a delivery van veered left directly into her path, killing the 50-year-old mom in 2013…”

Amazon giveth…and apparently an Amazon delivery driver taketh away!
Amazon delivery driver convicted over family dog theft
“An Amazon driver who stole a family’s pet when he was delivering dog food has been given a 12-month community order.”

If you’re a freelancer in California, it might be time to move!
Publishers Brace for California Labor Law Changes
“The state of California will overhaul its labor law next month and publishers are taking a careful look at how a dizzying array of new legal standards will apply to California authors, editors, illustrators, and other publishing workers previously engaged as independent contractors.”



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