Literary Agents Threaten to Blacklist Harper Collins – In The News – 12/02/2022

Literary Agents Threaten to Blacklist Harper Collins – In The News – 12/02/2022

Great charity provides books for refugee children!
For Ukrainian Refugee Kids, Books Offer Hope
“One volunteer at the Radziwiłłowska Help Point in Krakow testified to the ‘immense joy’ the books have had for displaced children, adding that finding books in their own language made them feel at home.”

Labor issues at HarperCollins.
More than 150 agents back striking HarperCollins workers
“’While many consider publishing to be a labor of love, we agents know how quickly that labor can lead to burnout, tension, missed opportunities for advancement, and mistakes,’ the letter reads in part.”

NYC book culture is getting pummeled.
New Report Finds NYC Publishing, Bookselling Jobs Fell Between 2010 and 2020
“The number of people working in New York bookselling plunged 56% between 2010 and 2020, dropping to 1,400. New York’s bookselling segment was particularly hammered during the first eight months of the pandemic, when the number of employees fell 42.5%.”

Everybody must pay!
CNN Accused of Using Hundreds of Songs Without Permission in New Lawsuit
“There are more than 120 copyrights involved in this case, and hundreds of alleged unauthorized uses. Everything we have to say at this time is set forth in the Complaint in detail.”

Copyright dogfight over TOP GUN: Maverick
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Copyright Lawsuit To Move Forward After Judge Denies Paramount’s Motion To Dismiss
“Though the motion picture rights to Yonay’s article were legally obtained by Paramount in 1986, the agreement between the two stated that the studio’s license to the story would expire after 35 years.”

Beating a dead horse.
Amber Heard Seeks New Defamation Trial After Losing to Johnny Depp
“’The trial court improperly prevented the jury from considering several separate instances in which Heard reported Depp’s abuse to a medical professional,’ the lawyers wrote.”

Arrested for a tweet.
Nigeria charges student with defamation over tweet about first lady
“His family and friends alleged that he was held incommunicado and subjected to severe beating, torture and other forms of ill-treatment…”


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