Author Claims Publisher Stopped Paying Royalties…and Then Released Paperback Edition After Contract Termination – In The News – 11/19/2020

Author Claims Publisher Stopped Paying Royalties…and Then Released Paperback Edition After Contract Termination – In The News – 11/19/2020

“Censorship is alive and well!”
Amazon reverses after pulling Alex Berenson’s latest COVID-19 booklet without explanation
“Every study I reference is quoted verbatim with a link to the original paper. WHAT IS GOING ON?” Berenson tweeted at the time sharing a screenshot of the “blocked” status of his third “Unreported Truths” installment.

Actually, the firm CONTROLLING the AI tool can control the interpretation…
How an AI Tool Distinguishes Between a Conspiracy Theory and a True Conspiracy
“But how can you tell if an emerging narrative on social media is an unfounded conspiracy theory? It turns out that it’s possible to distinguish between conspiracy theories and true conspiracies by using machine learning tools to graph the elements and connections of a narrative.”

And, the big 5 become 4!
Penguin to buy Simon & Schuster, create publishing giant
“German media giant Bertelsmann said Wednesday that its Penguin Random House division is buying rival Simon & Schuster in a megadeal that would reshape the U.S. publishing industry.”


The Monster Publishing Merger Is About Amazon
“Penguin Random House purchasing Simon & Schuster is not the gravest danger to the publishing business. The deal is transpiring in a larger context—and that context is Amazon.”

Another stupid move by Amazon
Amazon sign-on bonuses rankle
“Amazon is doling out hiring bonuses as high as $3,000 to make sure it has enough people to squeak through the busy holiday shopping season. That’s stoking resentment among existing workers who recently got coupons for Thanksgiving turkeys as a thank-you for their hard work.”

How long did they really think they’d get away with this?
L.A. Times and Tribune agree to settle pay-disparity lawsuit for $3 million
“The Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing have agreed to pay $3 million to resolve a class-action lawsuit brought by a multiethnic group of journalists who alleged that they were paid less than their white male counterparts.”

They stopped paying her hardcover royalties, she terminated the contract, and then they published the paperback anyway!
YA Author Joan He Outlines Potential Lawsuit With Her Publisher on Twitter
“In a thread on Twitter, Joan revealed that over the last few months, she had unfortunately been gearing up for a potential lawsuit against the publisher of her debut novel, Albert Whitman & Co. The publishing house put out Descendant of the Crane in 2019, and allegedly after the COVID-19 pandemic began, her publisher stopped distributing royalties to her.”

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