Chess Champion Sues for Libel After Cheating Accusations – In The News – 10/28/2022

Chess Champion Sues for Libel After Cheating Accusations – In The News  – 10/28/2022

When a government forces the media to lie…
FBI brass who warned Facebook about Post’s Hunter Biden laptop reporting were Democratic donors: records
“The top prosecutors have accused the administration of leaning on big tech companies to censor so-called ‘misinformation’ about a variety of topics, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 presidential election.”

Why does Facebook NOT want anyone to know who buys political ads??
Facebook parent company fined $25M for WA campaign finance violations
“’I have one word for Facebook’s conduct in this case — arrogance,’ Ferguson said Wednesday. “It intentionally disregarded Washington’s election transparency laws.”

Would you go to a surgeon who cried that his college classes were “too hard?”
NYU professor fired after students said class was too hard urges ‘tough love’ from college, end to ‘coddling’
“They weren’t coming to class, that’s for sure, because I can count the house,” Jones said. “They weren’t watching the videos, and they weren’t able to answer the questions.”

When you’re an a-hole and you add anyone and everyone’s names to your book just to sell copies.
Matthew Perry clarifies he’s a ‘big fan’ of Keanu Reeves after questioning in book why actor ‘walks among us’
“It always seems to be the really talented guys who go down. Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”

Better Title: Publishing “Professionals” Call for BANNING a Book Because They Don’t Like the Author.
Publishing professionals are calling for PRH to reconsider Amy Coney Barrett’s book.
“[W]e believe that moving forward with Coney Barrett’s book places Bertelsmann and Penguin Random House both in direct conflict with their own Code of Conduct and in violation of international human rights…”

Another win for the 1st Amendment.
California Baker Sued for Discrimination Wins Free Speech Case
“This court has rightly affirmed that people of faith should be able to live out their deeply held religious beliefs in the public square…”

This will be an interesting case to follow!
Chess cheating row: Hans Niemann sues accusers Magnus Carlsen and for libel
“But Niemann said Carlsen was just unable to cope with defeat, and wanted to ruin the teenage player’s reputation and ensure Niemann would not beat him again.”


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