First 2 Hostages Released by Hamas are Related to MSNBC Reporter – In The News – 10/20/2023

First 2 Hostages Released by Hamas are Related to MSNBC Reporter – In The News – 10/20/2023

It’s not WHAT you know. It’s WHO you know! I wonder if MSNBC had a hand in this…
Anthony Blinken says TEN Americans are still feared to be Hamas hostages, after terror group released Chicago mom and her daughter, 17, abducted during Israel rampage
“Earlier this week, Martin Fletcher, one of MSNBC’s long-term Middle East correspondents broke down on air while revealing the hostages Judith and Natalie Raanan are members of his wife’s family.”

ANTISEMITE! He should be fired NOW.
AP’s Gaza reporter repeatedly ripped Israel on social media, said oppressive regime should be ‘overthrown’
“In one now-deleted post on X, formerly known as Twitter, exactly one year ago, he wrote, the ‘Palestinian revolt against the Israeli oppression will be a triumph’ and ‘every colonial system will be overthrown. Meanwhile, you should reflect on what you did to contribute to it.'”

The collateral damage caused by Hamas terrorism.
Journalism organization reports at least 12 journalists killed in Israel-Hamas war
“In the first eight days of the conflict, 10 Palestinian journalists have been confirmed dead; one Israeli journalist has been confirmed killed, and one reported missing…”

Office supply store clearly doesn’t care about children.
Staples bans conservative activist who warned parents of graphic LGBT books in school libraries: ‘Jarring’
“I asked for clarification on the situation because it’s a security risk if I’m being impersonated or something, and they clarified that it was a mailing using the mailbox return address that was offensive to their customers,” Salera said.

Why separate by race??
Scholastic to separate books on race, gender and sexuality for book fairs
“We cannot make a decision for our school partners around what risks they are willing to take, based on the state and local laws that apply to their district…”

Tennis star to publish 2 books.
Serena Williams has a 2-book deal, starting with an ‘intimate’ and ‘open-hearted’ memoir
“For so long, all I was focused on was winning, and I never sat down to look back and reflect on my life and career,” Williams, who in August gave birth to her second child, said in a statement Wednesday.

Media outlets need to research instead of believing the first narrative.
Herzog says accusations Israel is behind Gaza hospital blast are ‘blood libel’
“Shame on the media who swallow the lies of Hamas and Islamic Jihad — broadcasting a 21st-century blood libel around the globe. Shame on the vile terrorists in Gaza who willfully spill the blood of the innocent,” he writes.

I thought legalizing pot was going to make us all loving and peaceful.
Law firm files defamation suit in dispensary legal battle
“Defendants then engaged in a systematic and targeted campaign to defame Gray and Steel, tarnish Gray’s and Steel’s reputations in the Arkansas business and legal communities, and interfere with SWG’s business and law practice with the intent to harm Plaintiffs…”

How about we just shut down all AI services that steal content from others?
Newspapers want payment for articles used to power ChatGPT
“A handful of major newspapers are in talks with OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, over access to a vital resource in the age of generative artificial intelligence: Digital news stories.”

More illegal antics using AI
Music lyrics lawsuit could set AI copyright precedent
“Universal Music Group and other major record labels sued Anthropic on Wednesday for using its AI tool to distribute copyrighted lyrics without a licensing deal. Anthropic did not respond immediately to our request for comment.”


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One Response to "First 2 Hostages Released by Hamas are Related to MSNBC Reporter – In The News – 10/20/2023"

  1. By Angela Hoy - Publisher of  October 22, 2023 at 11:24 am


    Hello Ms. Hoy,

    I am glad, very glad some one reported the firing of an anti Semitic reporter. I also subscribed to FOX. I am not blanket one party or another. Since I listen to classical music, it is followed by that horrible anti Israel a.k.a anti Semitic NPR. UGH. Reuters is pretty bad also. Go Israel, crush Hamas! I have read some Arab history and Israel is fighting a created nation of castoffs.