The Million Dollar Apostrophe; “Cover Up the Jewish Books!”; Reporter to be Prosecuted for Finding Flaw in State Website … and MORE!! In The News – 10/15/2021

The Million Dollar Apostrophe; “Cover Up the Jewish Books!”; Reporter to be Prosecuted for Finding Flaw in State Website … and MORE!!  In The News – 10/15/2021

* Defamation
One more reason why editors are NOT “too expensive.”
Missing Apostrophe in Facebook Post Lands a Man in Defamation Court
“In some corners of the internet, careless grammar is highly tolerated — even a badge of honor. In legal matters, however, disputed punctuation can cost millions.”

* Publishing
Cancelling Cancel Culture is a GOOD thing!
Rep. Dan Crenshaw Debuts Children’s Book Warning Against Cancel Culture
“Though written for children and featuring various cartoon animal characters, the themes in Crenshaw’s book get to the heart of the culture wars.”

* Amzonannigans
Shocking Revelations? NOT!
Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show
“The Solimo strategy, it said, was simple: ‘use information from to develop products and then leverage the platform to market these products to our customers.'”

* Cancel Culture / Censorship
Abundance of Caution  – or Antisemitism? YOU decide!
Swedish City Archive Covers Up Jewish Books to ‘Avoid Vandalism’
“Uncertainty means that you cannot go to school with a visible Star of David because then there is a high risk of being threatened, or that someone follows you from the school or even being beaten.”

* Journalism / Free Speech
Government Tyranny at its Finest
Missouri Governor vows Criminal Prosecution of Reporter who Found Flaw in State Website
“’That’s not a crime for the journalists discovering it,’ … ‘Putting Social Security numbers within HTML, even if it’s ‘non-display rendering’ HTML, is a stupid thing for the Missouri website to do and is a type of boneheaded mistake that has been around since day one of the Internet.'”
(Editor’s Note – ANYONE can view the source code of ANY website simply by clicking the “View Page Source” option on their browser. It requires no hacking skills whatsoever.)

* Journalism
Is the Problem Really a Hedge Fund – or the Media’s Disdain for American Values?
A Secretive Hedge Fund is Gutting Newsrooms
“’They call Alden a vulture hedge fund, and I think that’s honestly a misnomer,’ Johnson said. ‘A vulture doesn’t hold a wounded animal’s head underwater. This is predatory.’”

* Free Speech / Censorship
“FakeBook” is Still At It – Cherry Picking Who is Worthy of Criticism
Facebook to change rules on attacking public figures on its platforms
“Facebook’s Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis said the company was also expanding the types of attacks that it would not allow on public figures on its sites, as part of an effort to reduce attacks disproportionately faced by women, people of color and the LGBTQ community.”

* Publishing
Political Correctness Invades Christian Publishing
A Discussion of Bias in Christian Fiction
“In response to RWA’s decision to rescind the award, Bethany said in a statement that it is listening to conversations ‘about whether content related to atrocities, even if historically accurate, is appropriate or helpful.'”



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